Upgrading a masternode in 3 easy steps

For anyone using my script to install a $XSN masternode – updating is as easy as the initial installation:

1) Stop the XSN node w/

service xsn_n1 stop

2) Enter the script folder and run the script in update mode.

The -r (aka “release”) option contains the git tag. The script will delete the existing masternode binaries and compile the new release from scratch. Existing config files are not touched.

./install.sh -p xsn -r "tags/v1.0.4" -u

3) reload system service config and start the masternode

systemctl daemon-reload && service xsn_n1 start

In case of a new release (eg v1.0.5) simply adapt the release option accordingly.

Hello world!

Hello world!

This is my little space for (mostly technical) notes and remarks related to masternode projects. Stay tuned and have a lot of fun!

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