Examples for typical script invocation

These are only a couple of examples for typical setups that people usually run into 😉

Install & configure 4 PIVX masternodes:

./install.sh -p pivx -c 4

Install 4 PIVX masternodes, update daemon to v3.10 from git release tag (existing config is preserved):

./install.sh -p pivx -c 4 -u -r tags/v3.10

Install 6 PIVX masternodes with from git release tag “tags/v3.10”

./install.sh -p pivx -c 6 -r tags/v3.10

Wipe all PIVX masternode data:

./install.sh -p pivx -w

Install 2 PIVX masternodes and configure sentinel monitoring:

./install.sh -p pivx -c 2 -s

Install a PIVX masternode with IPv4 networking:

./install.sh -p pivx -n 4